Xuan Guo, M.Sc.

Last Unit: Environmental Analysis and Planning

Focus of activity

Xuan Guo is a PhD student from Institute of Geography, RUB. He obtained his Master of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University. During his Master's degree, he worked mainly in the field of soundscape research, including the evaluation and impact of soundscapes in different places (e.g. historic districts, scenic areas and urban green spaces) and the relationship between soundscapes and human health. He is currently working on promoting scientific understanding on the effects of the changes of green infrastructure on soundscapes and the people’s health and well-being.

Curriculum vitae


  • Since 07/2022: PhD candidate, Landscape Architecture, Ruhr -University Bochum, Germany, Supervisor: Prof. Christian Albert, Prof. Jiang Liu
  • 09/2019 - 06/2022: Master of Science in Landscape Architecture, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, China, Supervisor: Prof. Jiang Liu
  • 09/2015 - 06/2019: Bachelor, Landscape Architecture, Shangrao Normal University, China

Fellowships and awards

  • 2022: Doctoral scholarships of China Scholarship Council
  • 2022: Third Class Academic Scholarship
  • 2021: First Prize in the "Building a Beautiful Nan Yu" Micro Landscape Creative Design Competition
  • 2020: Third Prize in the Fujian "Habitat for Humanity" Postgraduate Design Competition
  • 2020: Second Class Academic Scholarship


  • 09/2019 - 09/2020: Extraction and evaluation of landscape factors influencing soundscape quality in urban open spaces based on multivariate data analysis, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Participant
  • 04/2017 - 04/2020: Research on the Conservation and Regeneration of Soundscape Resources in Historic Blocks, The Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province, China, Participant
  • 08/2019 - 06/2022: Research on the Conservation and Development of Fuzhou Historical and Cultural Villages and Districts Based on Textual and Spatial Big Data, Youth Project of Fujian Social Science Planning, China, undertaker